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We have a small server running in the hotel and sometimes the hotel software needs to be restarted, firstly by stopping the service, then starting again. I would prefer that staff so not have access to the server administrator account and was wondering if it is possible to create a user account whose sole function would be limited to starting and stopping services.

In a perfect world this would not be required, but the software developer has indicated this is the only solution for now.
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is a scheduled job an option?
create a new account and setup the service as Logon As with that account.
Use the following tool to execute a service restart remotely...
Put the appropriate command in a batch file on their desktops.


Hi Chopper,

I did not understand the first part of your solution. Are these two possible solutions, or is the first part required for the PsService tool?

Not entirely sure what is meant by "setup the service as Logon As with that account."

I have attached an example screen shot of the Log On tab of a service properties screen.
Create a new account and select "This Account" on the Log On tab, select the new account and type in the password you created. Now you have an exclusive account for that service, which you can share with the staff that need to restart the service.
Use the PSTools service restart tool to create a script for restarting the service remotely from the staff workstations, so they will not ever need to log in to the server directly.


Thanks Chopper. that is a perfect solution.


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