windows 7 previous versions - I only have 1 from 2 days ago, but no others?!

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I noticed I deleted some files I needed from my my docs folder on the c drive.  Fortunately, I knew about previous versions and they were in the version from 2 days ago.... but there were no other previous versions (actually, 1 from today also).  I've been using this machine for a couple months.  I am used to SBS and keeping a bunch of versions.

what's triggering the taking of an image and why would I only have 1 previous from 2 days ago and the 1 today?
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Previous versions are automatically saved as part of a restore point. If system protection is turned on, Windows automatically creates previous versions of files and folders that have been modified since the last restore point was made. Typically, restore points are made once a day. If your disk is partitioned or if you have more than one hard disk on your computer, you need to turn on system protection for the other partitions or disks. Previous versions are also created by Windows Backup when you back up your files.
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The files/folders in question may not have been modified within that time frame in order to trigger a new snapshot.  Also, you may need to increase the disk space usage that System Protection is utilizing:

How to Change the System Protection Disk Space Usage in Window 7
how do you change / see the previous version schedule?
Look here - about 3/4 of the way down

It shows you how to configure the options and schedule.
Apparently you're not backing them up to a network location, or you would have only 1.

e.g. search windows Help for "where should I save my backup" (the top result, which I'm citing, should have that exact title) and one of the caveats for Network Locations on the right is:

"If you create a system image, Windows will only keep the latest version of the system image."
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If you do not see a previous date in previous versions, you cannot restore it. You might only have one or two days of restore points. How full is your C drive?

You need to install and run Recuva to find the deleted files.

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