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Jeff Everett
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Unfortunately my Exchange 2010 server got completely corrupted after an update and an accidental deletion of a user that was tied into all the admin rights. Total mess! I need an alternative practically free to throw on my server that will relay a SQL receipt email to my customers. A smtp server or form mail I hear can work. There has to be a cheap easy solution since I have only 3 email addresses that are required for my site. My wife, me and the receipt email coming for the SQL server when a customer makes a purchase.  I am going to try my host provider but my account rep is not around just yet. So I am looking for answers to alternatives.
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The easiest solution would be to use your web hosting providers email addresses from the control panel of your site.
If ypu have access to the control panel you can set up the emails you need etc


You mean the control panel on my server? Then I can tell the SQL to send out? Also have it give me 2 email addresses for my wife and I? Could you elaborate on the process just a bit more? Oh thank you for your assistance!
Not the Control Panel of your server hahah very funny(was that sarcasm?)

What I emant is that if you have a webhost -like am assuming you have a domain name?
And probably a hosting for your website?
If not you need to consider this-try winhost.com at 60usd per year.domain plus hosting.

If yes you can login to the control panel of the site hosting and create the email accounts you need.

Then on your SQL Server -database mail?,you just point it to the new SMTP server and credentials.
Same thing you do with Outloook -configure to get mail from your web smtp server.
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You are hilarious!! NO believe it or not it wasn't sarcasm. Now don't laugh cause I am so new to email servers/smtp services. I actually opened up Control Panel on my Server 2008 saw the mail icon and thought, wow its this easy! I do need a good SMTP server service if you have  recommendation. Quick question will the emails come with an address of my own domain? for example 'me@ee.com' I need the 'ee.com' to show from my customers. I just want to make sure before I get a service.
Yes you will get emails in this format yourname@yourdomainname.com

For example jeff@jeff_links.com

What you need to do is purchase the domain name -in my example jeff_links.com. There is a search that is conducted to see if it exists or not.

I recommend winhost.com -but you can use the many hosting providers available.

Its far cheaper than owning an exchnage server -which is meant for large corporates with hundreds of employees.


Norman has saved the day and my business! Thanks Norman this guy deserves more than  500 points in my opinion!
Jeff, you are welcome :)

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