App on Facebook - How, Where and What?

Bruce Gust
Bruce Gust used Ask the Experts™
I've got a fairly robust app that I want to reskin as a facebook application.

It's built in PHP. It's a voter based contest where users are encouraged to listen to their favorite contestant's song and vote.

I'm reading through the Facebook documentation and I've got a question:

Am I building an app or a Facebook website. I think I'm building an app, just because the website documentation refers to Like buttons etc. and that's not what I'm going for.

Secondly, how to I get the "Developer App?" Every time I click on a link that supposedly references the page where the link is kept, I keep getting routed to another page that says, "I need the Developer App."

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Mark BradyPrincipal Data Engineer
I'm no expert on facebook apps but I got one to work by putting an iframe on the facebook apps tab and the iframe loaded my software application. This worked a treat but I don't know any of the technical details I'm sorry.
Sr. Software Engineer
To answer your question,
I think you need to study more about Facebook Environment for Developers.

When you are creating facebook application that means you are actually creating a website at your server and in any language supported by facebook like php, .net

Facebook is like an platform on which you can execute or setup your website in a canvas of limited width. So that it looks like an facebook application. Because when you are going to create a new application on facebook then you need to provide your website and server path, so that it will run on facebook.

Secondly,  if you want to become developer on facebook you should first start with below link

then after registration click on Apps tab
then click on Create New App
Bruce GustPHP Developer


Thanks, guys! I was able to successfully download and install the Developer App and found the tutorials and documentation that I need.

I appreciate your taking the time to weigh in.

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