Running SQL scripts (Toad / SQL navigator) over VPN

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We have a supplier who is using our VPN software for toad and sql navigator programs - executing scripts over the encrypted VPN.

The machine executing these scripts is not a company machine (so i do not know what is on this in terms of security.

My preference for this supplier is to use these 2x tools locally on our server as who knows how secure their machine is.  I guess the Cisco connection is secure enough...

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I do not see much difference in moving the Toad/SQL Navigator executables to your own server. Where is the advantage, unless database login credentials are stored within local scripts or program configuration. If that's the case the security issue is in that, not the location of the programs.

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Adding to Chris' comment above:  the VPN provides the secure tunnel between boxes, so keeping the executables on the clients will better distribute the resource demand.  The real question seems to be, where do you want to expose the (privileged) SQL user and password.

It goes without saying that hardcoded passwords may lead to unplanned career changes.....

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