how to design and build a 3-tier C#.Net windows application?

Ricky White
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I would like to learn how to design and build a 3-tier C#.Net windows application from scratch.

I find books on OOP, UI, ADO.Net seperately but I haven't found a book or resource that will illustrate how to combine all those and build an application using Presentation layer, Business login and Data access layer.

What keywords should I be searching for to learn that? Do you know any resources that might be helpful. Please advise.

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Hello, if you're looking for books, what you want is "enterprise architecture". Tiered applications are generally referred to as "enterprise", because they are laid out in such a way that they're scalable (lots of volume). They're also more easily maintained because the tiered approach separates and isolates the tier-specific logic, enabling them to be swapped out without breaking the application.

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