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On some of my SQL 2005 or 2008 instances, when I want to view job history for a particular job, I will not get anything in the log file viewer for the job history.  For example, I may have a transaction log backup job that runs every 30 minutes.  I can tell it runs by looking at the properties of the job.  It will tell me the last time it was executed.  But if I want to view the job history, it is blank. How can I tun on job history in a sql instance?
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Right click on SQL Server Agent and select Properties. In the dialog box, select History and check the settings. You can choose max job history, or elect to remove older history.
is the data missing for the entire instance or for a single job?

in the sql server agent properties there is a maximum number of rows setting, maybe you could check that?


the data is missing for all jobs.  I checked the properties of the sql agent and it has 10,000 set for maximum job history log size and 1000 for maximum job history rows per job
That shouldn't happen, are there any errors in the sql agent error log? maybe it's a permission issue when the agent account doesn't have write access to the sysjobhistory table?

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