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Choosing between IIS and Apache Webserver?

Ricky White
Ricky White used Ask the Experts™
Is Apache Webserver a competitor of IIS?

Is one of them better than the other? What are their pros and cons?

Is it that Java Web Applications use Apache Webserver and ASP.Net applications use IIS? or can either applications be hosted on Apache Webserver or IIS?

Are there any other popular Webservers?

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java is hosted by apache, ,net by iis and I do not believe that either can be hosted by the other.
Apache is free and best if you have only one site, it also works alot more simply if you wanted to use php as well.
IIS isn't, its a windows product, but it is alot easier to host more than site from it. You need this if you want to use and Microsoft programming language, so .net,  c languages or any vb languages.
They both have their uses so , No I can't necessarily say that one is better than the other.
Apache is the more stable of the two. IIS is not good at memory utilization, even with all the fancy tools.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
There are other web servers also.  See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_server_software  There are versions of Apache for most systems.  IIS and IBM HTTP Server only run on their own systems.  nginx and lighttpd are used on quite few systems also.
Apache is free while IIS is packaged with Windows.
IIS only runs on Windows while Apache can run on almost any OS
Apache is the most-used Web server software package in the world.
Apache is open-source software.

IIS offers user-friendly administrative tools.
ASP (Active Server Pages) is part of the Internet Information Server (IIS) package that comes with certain Microsoft operating systems. Currently there is no native support for ASP on the other operating systems.

You can't serve Java app directly from within IIS. To run a java application you need a java application server like Tomcat (Apache Tomcat).

>>Are there any other popular Webservers?
Yes, take a look at nginx - http://nginx.com/
Nginx web server overtakes Microsoft IIS to rank #2 behind Apache -http://vbtechsupport.com/1689/


Is it correct that for a high traffic website we should preferably use Apache server(Mono) and not IIS?

Also is the performance of a website mainly driven by the Webserver being used and not by the programming language used(ASP.Net, PHP etc)?
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

'Mono' does not provide full implementation of .NET technologies.  You need to make sure that it will do what you need before using it.
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I would slightly not agree. IIS and Apache both perform well with the high traffic website. i.e. Microsoft.com and its sister websites are on IIS which always has most traffic.

What I differentiate between IIS and Apache is the Programming language your website is using. PHP, Perl, CGI and python are most stable and native to UNIX (Apache) environment while ASP, ASP.Net, WCF etc... are native to Microsoft (IIS).

where in terms of performance, it is entirely depend upon combination of few parameters.

Code optimization

Hope It could help.

Sanjay Santoki


Thanks all!