10 PPTP Connections using a firewall router

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I have an RV042 router by cisco, and it works just fine. However, it is limited to 5 pptp connections. I need to find a router that provides 10 pptp connections. Any suggestions?

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You have to have the bandwidth to support the number of pptp connections.
Using wrt based routers openwrt.org dd-wrt.com
You could setup your pptp server using Linux
Not all 10 PPTP connections will be active at one time. I am looking for a router like the RV042 or something like that. I don't want to use a computer of any kind.

Is there anything like this available?
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You could use a router that can be updated with dd-wrt and then the number of pptp connection that can be established will be limited by the bandwidth, the number of IPs in the range configured for allocation for pptp clients.

Any option to use IPSec or quickvpn tunnels rather than pptp?

PPTP can only have 5 session while the others can have upto 50 each as the max.

If you must have a router that supports more than 5 PPTP sessions, you may need to look at the higher range ones i.e. Cisco ASA, etc.

Or try netgears
I appreciate your help arnold. I may look into the dd-wrt. I've used quickvpn in the past with mixed results. PPTP seems to be more stable. I'm not familiar with how IPSec works with a router.

I don't think we would need more than 5 pptp sessions active at once. I want to be able to set up more users.
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issue with PPTP is that the routers that the users use Must support passthrough VPN including GRE tunnel, Protocol 47.  There were routers netgear and possibly dlink, that listed the VPN passthrough that included IPSEC, L2TP, and PPTP, but did not pass protocol 47/GRE which prevented the user from establishing a PPTP session.

ipsec is just a secure tunnel. depending on your user system, there are different ways to get this setup on some it is easier than others.

For multiple user, you would likely need external authentication mechanism.
there are several examples that can be found to setup an internal system as the PPTP server.

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