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we need to buy 2 firewalls for 2 sites. We require the firewall to do:

QOS for our VOIP systems
handle multiple external IP's , So we can route external IP's to various internal servers
VPN access for remote users
Site to Site VPN acces
Handle multiple network ip ranges and also to server DHCP on both for example ( &
Able to handle a lok of concurrent sessions also setup per seconds

Also at one of the sites I'm going to have more that 300 devices but they will all be on the same netowork so I was just going to have the subnet as, so I need the DHCP server to be able to be able to server IP's like /

I was looking at sonicwall TZ215..

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We use Sonicwall for a majority of our firewalls as well.  The 215 should meet your needs just fine for the smaller sites.  Are you planning on running the content filter and the other security services?   if you are, you might want to look at the NSA series for the site with 300 devices, but this all depends on how much traffic those 300 devices will be sending / receiving across the sonicwall.

When you say "a lot" of concurrent sessions, how many are you talking?  The 215 will do up to 48,000 while the NSA 2400 will do up to 225,0000
You can apply qos either via tagging or via bandwidth management for voip.   Though most of our sites are connected with MPLS for voice, we do have one site that uses a site to site vpn with qos being provided by BWM and it is working fine.   Keep in mind, that voice over a public internet line with a VPN on top of it is not guaranteed regardless fo the qos you place on the traffic on the VPN.   You are at the mercy of the internet in general.


We are getting dedicated lines, 30Mb. Are the features I want all covered by the TZ215, as in the DHCP requirements I have? Also the multiple external IP's routing to internal servers on the local ip ranges.....
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Yes, you can assign X0 to be one lan interface  and X2 to be etc  then dish out DHCP based on interface

You can create the NAT rules as you wish for external services.  we have 10 external IP's at each of our sites that are redirected to servers internally.


Yes but that would mean I need 2 physical networks? I'm just going to have a single network.


Take a look at as well it looks to have what you need and all in there free/Light products.

So all you need is to get some hardware to run it on.

Yes you would need to physical networks unless you had switches in place that could handle VLANS..  You made no mention of Vlans.  Do you have manageable switches at the site where you want two networks?


Most are Dell 3048 which support Vlan. Never set one up, would I give each router its own Vlan ID that I would then in turn configure on the sonicwall to say vlanID 1 = range ?

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