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Hello -
Running into an issue here and would like to get a solid answer on how the best way to approach this task.

I'm trying to create a windows PE boot disk with custom drivers for a dell Optiplex 790. The reason I am doing this is because the standard drivers that are in the windows PE image do not work for the optiplex onboard nic. I need this network card driver because I want to do network based deployment on desktops of the same model.

I looked around at some sites but I have not gotten a clear answer on the best way to approach this.  Does anyone have any info on how to do this successfully?  This would really make my life 10x easier!

Thanks again!
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Simple way is to use nlite..
ones installed browse to windows location folder... add drivers that you want.. and then it will create bootable iso image..
You need Windows AIK installed to do this, but here are the instructions.  I have done this successfully many times:


I already do have AIK installed, I would just like to know a way to get the network card driver off the machine and inject it into the PE image so I can boot up with networking services.

Is there a program I can use to pull the drivers?

Go to and go to drivers. Input the service tag for the computer and you can download the nice driver there. Then just use my guide to inject it into your windows pe image.

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