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Why can I be logged into Facebook and search for "Jane Doe" and look through all the Jane Does but not find the one I'm looking for.

Then I can abandon that search and go to John Wilson's Facebook page. One of his friends is Jane Doe, and there is her Facebook profile plain as day.

Why can I not find her profile by searching her name?
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There is a privacy setting in Facebook that controls who can see you when you search.

Jane Doe has likely set this so that random people can't find her if they search her name.
Manoj PatilSr. Software Engineer

Hello nickg5,

Yes there is an Facebook Account Privacy Setting to manage your profile for search.
Have you tried with search like "Jane Doe, HerLocation" OR if you know her email address registered with facebook then you can directly find her.
Adding points and a new question.
I created a FB account for a friend who does not use a computer, they are legally blind.
We created it to participate in a contest where we had "to like" the company.
I noticed today, that account is now closed, or not able to be viewed.
How can this be if I am the only person who knew the password?
This specific account was going to be used to enter similar contest held by the same sponsor.
How could someone hijack the account and close it when I had the password?
Now, if the last time I was looking there to see if we had won the latest contest, I might not have logged out. So, maybe someone saw the account opened. I thought all they might be able to do would be to change settings, not close the account.
The blind guy would not have closed it, he can not see.
Also, some how he accepted someone as a friend, when in fact, I am the only person who had the password and he is blind.
Can anyone explain these developments?

Also, on my own account, I am being prompted to add my phone number or I can not proceed. Is anyone getting the same message?
They are trying to prevent people, they say, from having more than one account.
That is fine with me, I have an account and the blind guy has an account linked to his e-mail address.

How long has it been since you last logged in to the account? Even if the account is closed, Facebook has a 14 day grace period where if you log back in, the account will be reinstated. It would have to have been closed from being logged into the account, so it's possible if you left it logged in, something may have happened. Another possibility is that Facebook would have closed it due to no activity on the account, but I haven't heard of anything like that.

As for the phone number, that seems normal.
I log in to my account and the blind man's account once a week. Mine for my personal use, and the other to know if Freschetta pizza was having any weekly contests.
His account is not there any more. I try to login to it and it ask for a phone number as a securty check.
On mine it ask for my phone number.
I only have one phone number and the other guy has no phone.
I've never been prompted to add my phone number until today.
I cannot log into my account. I am blocked with this message:
Use a phone to verify your account

The phone number you use can only verify one account. Once you enter your number, you'll receive a code that you'll be able to enter on Facebook to verify your account. Your phone number will only be used to verify your account and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

Enter a phone number
.............I'd rather not give my phone number until I find out if this is a new feature directed at all users.

It's likely because they have pegged your IP address as managing 2 accounts and they are trying to verify which is yours. If you use your phone number, you can immediately log into your own account. I don't know what you will have to do with the other account. If you don't want to give out your phone number, you can click the "Why am I seeing this?" link and tell them you don't have a phone number and they can unlock it manually. From what I read, that can take a while.
I'm not seeing "why am I seeing this?" link.

What actions are you taking to get that?

There is a FAQ from a google link and it explains in one question, that if you have a phone that is not a national carrier, you'll still need to be able to receive text messages, to get the code, to be able to login.

The blind man's real name was very uncommon.
Acutally there were only 3 of them on all of FB with that name. Now, only two and the one I created for him is not there when I search his name.
He was on the friend's list of his brother in law.
I look at the relative's friend's list, and he is missing.
This means somehow, his acccount got closed, or went 100% private.
But how, since I was the only one who had the password?

You said you left it logged in, so it's a possibility someone messed with it. Other than that, I don't know. You may have to inquire with Facebook.

As for the link, I simply saw that online, I have not had this issue.
I saw an article from CNN about phone numbers.
I'm getting text messages now from marketers. My cell phone provider only allows 5 blocked numbers per 90 days.
I have no control over who Facebook gives my phone number to.
I can not login without giving my phone number.

There have to be people in other countries who use FB and have no phone at all.
The costly and unwanted text messages are an issue.

Because I get all sorts of "stuff" from Facebook on my FB account as it is.
Friends who want to be friends and they have no idea who I am, etc.
The settings are not very clear about what they do, and not do.
Applications, games, wall, 21 questions, and all the rest that don't benefit me, but clutter up my account.

I just created a new FB account (not for use but for testing) and phone number was not required to join.

I've had an account for about a year and suddenly, phone is required.
I can not create a new FB account without a phone number.
I can not login to my own account without phone.
I can not search for any people without phone.

I only see one alternative and it is not a good one, and that is to upload my driver's license to FB. That may be even more in-secure than giving my phone number, which they will share with others, such as advertisers.

Now, my question is, since every family member can have a FB account, why is my lone account being locked up. It seems FB has blocked my I/P address.

If my family had 4 members and each person had a FB account, why would they block one of them? Mine is blocked. But FB does not know I do not have other family members on FB.

Anyone have ideas?
If anyone who is a Facebook specialist, can assist me here, place a comment and I'll post the results from my recent trial and error test.

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