Oracle and MVC (EDMX) Issues

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I am attempting follow Building an MVC 3 App with Database First and Entity Framework 4.1
tutorial using an Oracle EDMX and running into problems.

First off, I get error "type used in a using statement must be implicitly convertible to 'System.IDisposable' when adding this "using" clause.

publicActionResult Index()
          using (var db = new BlogDataEntities())
            return View(db.Blogs.ToList());

Question is...why can't I use "Using" and next question is will this even work with an Oracle database connection? I am very be gentle with me.
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In order to include a using block, you need a class that implements IDisposable.  

As you can plainly see in the documentation for the DbContext class, that it does implement IDisposable:

DbContext Class

public class DbContext : IDisposable, IObjectContextAdapter

That exception doesn't make sense.

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