Migrating SBS 2003 exchange data to SBS 2011 Standard on new hardware

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We have a single SBS 2003 server which I would like to replace with a new SBS 2011 box. We only have 5 user mailboxes to migrate, so it's really not that much data. I would like the new server to have a different name, but use the same IP address. I was hoping to be able to build the 2011 box separately, then import the exchange data to the new server. I have read through several scenarios, but I'd like to figure out the easiest way to accomplish this.
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I would imagine the best bet would be to perform and SBS 03 to SBS 11 migration, then change the IP Address of the SBS 2011 server to the desired address after the migration.

I always use the following article for SBS migrations and it works like a charm:


There is always the MS article, but I have never used it but I have been to several sites where they did follow it and I ended up having to rescue the migration!



Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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You are welcome.  Hope the migration goes smoothly (usually takes me a bout 3 days to complete) but if you get stuck - I'm happy to help you.

Thanks for the points.


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