MSSQL log shipping issues

Matthew Cioffi
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I'm working on setting up some database servers to do log shipping for a DR situation.

We are going to be moving some servers and I want to have log shipping running in case something happens to one of the database servers.  We have a couple other recovery in place, but this is a pilot test for a future project as well.  So basically I need some assistance to make sure I have everything setup properly.

Getting to log shipping to run has been fairly easy, but the issue I have been seeing is that I'm now getting lots of errors.

For example:
The log shipping secondary database W1TSTSQ1.123prd has restore threshold of 45 minutes and is out of sync. No restore was performed for 794 minutes. Restored latency is 0 minutes. Check agent log and logshipping monitor information.

The log shipping primary database W1TSTSQ1.124prd has a backup threshold of 60 minutes and has not performed a backup log operation for 389 minutes

How do I ensure that the database will be ready to go if needed and how fi possible can i eliminated these errors?
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can you please check in which mode your database is in
Standyby /restoration mode,

which version of sql  server do u use, in sql server ->properties->report-?transacin log status give you the log shipping sstatus.

what is the size of you transaction log , what is the spped of your nic card, i think it is taking much time to copy the bakup set

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