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I am migrating data to a new server.  I would like to create two batch files.
One to permanently disconnect the drive mappings to the old 2003 server
and a second to map to similar shares on a new server 2008 server.  I would like the new maps to reconnect after reboot.  I'd like to only have to run the second bat file once instead of putting it in a startup group.   I have windows XP and 7 clients.  I can create a Policy to do this later when all the servers are migrated, but I need something to help me in the interim.  I've see the NET USE and SUBST commands but Im concerned that the drive mappings wont survive the reboot.  

Thank You
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I use kixtart in a logon script. Free and probably will do what you need. Create a bat file and put that in the users AD profile tab as needed
if you want use NET USE and for you is important to remember drives after reboot maybe use something like that:
net use s: \\server1\source /persistent:yes

if you type /persistent:yes your map drives survive reboot;)
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

NET USE <drive letter>: \\<server>\<share> /PERSISTENT:yes

Will "survive the reboot"
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Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager


Too slow as usual.   :)
One last thing to add to this question. You dont really need two scripts. You can disconnect and reconnect in the same script.

Something similar to

NET USE z: /d /y
NET USE z: \\server\share


Tested it out...Works great.  Thank You.

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