Problem with Message Tracking Logs on Exchange 2010

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Recently implemented a new exchange 2010 server and message tracking was working fine.

I moved the logs from default place to a different drive, and since then, the recipient data has ceased to be recorded (whether the emails are going in or out)

There are also instances of mail log entries not existing (ie internal mail is not being logged between people). There are plenty of entries in the logs however.

Can anyone suggest any possible reasons for this?
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Have you restart the MSExchange Transport services? Run

Get-TransportServer -Identity <Hub server> | fl *messagetracking*

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There are several additional things that are worth noting about changing the message tracking directory:
 After changing the location of the log files, existing logs will remain in their previous location; new logs will be created in the new location.
 The new location cannot be a UNC path as it must be local to the Exchange 2007 server.


I bounced the whole box few times, but got no luck.

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-TransportServer -Identity exchserver | fl *messagetracking*

MessageTrackingLogEnabled               : True
MessageTrackingLogMaxAge                : 30.00:00:00
MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize      : 1000 MB (1,048,576,000 bytes)
MessageTrackingLogMaxFileSize           : 10 MB (10,485,760 bytes)
MessageTrackingLogPath                  : E:\Database\MessageTracking
MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled : True

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The issue was eventually resolved after checking the event logs. I moved the logs to a different directory, deleted the offending folders, repointed the logs and hey-presto - it worked.


I had to solve it myself!

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