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I have a named range – first_Range. I have two buttons –

Abbreviate - restores the named range to B3:C7
Expand – expands the range to include B3:C11

Now recording macro and doing this doesn’t solves the problem as I am having issues in the vba code.
Is there a VBA code that does that – resizing the range according to the button pressed…
For example, ihis one is not working….

Worksheets(Sheet2).(Range("first_Range").Rows.Count, 1).Resize.Name = "first_Range"

Thank you
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How about this?
Debug.Print Range("first_Range").Address

Range("first_Range").Resize(Range("first_Range").Rows.Count+4).Name = "first_Range"
Debug.Print Range("first_Range").Address

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How about…. I say that your code works great :) Thank you Sir

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