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Hey guys,

We are looking to upgrade our infrastructure and I wanted to get some advice from those who might have done this before.

Here is what we have:

4 offices (3 in the US and 1 oversees)
Currently using pFSense firewalls
2 Windows fileservers. 1 in US office and 1 in our oversees office
2 Windows domains.  1 in US office and 1 in our oversees office
Slow speeds to the fileservers

Here is what we would like to ultimately accomplish:

1 domain
1 fileserver
Fast speeds between the offices on a multi site-to-site vpn

Any suggestions here would be much appreciated in order to point me in the right direction.

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IMHO if you do not have FS & DC at each site, those without will have slow speeds.
You will want at least 1 domain controller and Global Catalog at each site and 1 file server in the US and one over seas.  

 You may want to look into a wan acceleration device such as one by fatpipe.

How many users at each site?  How much VPN traffic is there currently?
Have you thought about the possibility VMware View at remote sites?  Much easier to send View traffic across a VPN link rather than standard file sharing.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies.  We have a relatively low number of users at each site.  Our largest office is about 25 people and the smallest is about 10.  VPN traffic currently is pretty minimal.  The biggest issue is our users transfer large files, some being a couple of GBs and the speed to do so over the VPN is quite slow.  I was hoping to have 1 file server as having 2 now is a big problem...
1 File server with large files is going to be slow if you are pulling those large files across the WAN VPN.  Your only hope is using a WAN acceleration device if you stick with 1 file server and no desktop virtualization.

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