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I got this to work in SharePoint 2007 but it's not working in SP 2010.

I want the right indicator to appear based on the status but it's not rendering.
A while ago, someone sent me the calculated column code.

Here's what's rendering.
rendering now
Here's an IDEA of if in SP 2007.
Here's the calculated formula I'm using in SP 2010.

=IF(OR([Tasker Status]="OPEN",[Tasker Status]=""),"<DIV><IMG title='OPEN' border='0' alt='OPEN' src='/images1/Active.gif' /></DIV>",IF([Tasker Status]="EXTENDED","<DIV><IMG title='EXTENDED' border='0' alt='EXTENDED' src='images1/amber.gif' /></DIV>",IF([Tasker Status]="CLOSED","<DIV><IMG title='CLOSED' border='0' alt='CLOSED' src='/images1/red.gif' /><DIV>")))

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Your HTML is being escaped, but wasn't in 2007. The actual calculated column is working though.

You need to set the attribute "disable-output-escaping" to get around this. AFAIK this needs to be done using SharePoint Designer on the list view. I dont believe you can get to it via list or column settings.
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