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I need a simple regex for the following string


so here it's firstname-last 3 chars of id.

Can someone pls help here...?
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If you need this in PHP


$data = "Brad-232";

$match = array();

preg_match( '#^([\S]+)-([\S]*)([\S]{3})$#i', $data, $match );

print_r( $match );

Your data is in $match[1] and $match[3]. I have done it this way because you said the last 3 characters of the ID so Brad-9999123 would return Brad in $match[1] and 123 in $match[3]
As an alternative, you could just split this using explode

$data = "Brad-123";
$arr = explode( '-', $data );
echo $arr[0];
echo '<br/>';
echo $arr[1];

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