how do i completely remove physical standby database

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I created a physical standby database in grid control. i didn't change the default value for standby target name. When i tried to verify the standby configuration it complained that the failover would probably not work because it didn't recognize the name. I wasn't able to edit the standby configuration because it said it was still in process. So I deleted it from the grid. However, everything it created still exists. I tried killing the processes. but they are still there. I set the dg_broker_start  to false and removed the files indg_broker_config_file1 and dg_broker_config_file2 in the directory for those parameters. I tried changing my oracle sid to log in and shut down the processes. But it says it is not an identifier. I don't know how to remove all of this and start from scratch. What should I do? I can't do anything in the grid because the standby is no longer listed.
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the best way is using dgmgrl ultility for disabling the standy database.

also check some parameter by logging  into as sys user.

SQL>show parameter dg_broker;
SQL>show parameter log_archive_dest

remove any entry for your standby database.

also check this doc for more info
Some Oracle guru has said: "Those who live by the GUI, die by the GUI".
Good luck!

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