how can I tel what brand of hard drive I have without opening my computer?

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 is there a way for me to find ou what brand/type of hard drive I have within the OS? I'm running windows 7 Ultimate.
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try sisoft sandta lite. free and very comprehensive
Go into Device Manager, Disk Drives.  It should display the make/model of the drive(s).  However if you have a hardware RAID controller it may display only the controller make/model (this is unlikely though).

Rt-click on Computer, Manage, Device Manager, Disk Drives

If you don't have the necessary permissions to get to that, you could reboot the system and go into the system BIOS setup.  It will most likely display the make/model of the hard drive.
In windows running this command will give it to you.

wmic diskdrive get manufacturer, model, description
Cool, didn't know that.  I vote for your solution.  (In my case it displays the make/model of the RAID controller)
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great, t hanks!

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