Intel Management Engine Interface (vPro)

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I'm trying to find out, once and for all, whether or not the Pc's we have support "vPro" functionality. We have a mix of HP 6000 Pro's, HP 5800's, and HP 4000 Pro's; with in that mixture, some Pc's have the "Intel Management Engine" installed (picture of icon included), while others don't; NONE of the Pc's w/o the icon are missing anything under "device manager". None of the CPU's in the PC's specifically say anything about "vPro"; they're just Intel Dual Core and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU's.

How do I know whether or not these PC's support Intel AMT and vPro? If they don't support it, why would some have the Intel Management Engine installed?
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Here's a posting that describes 4 methods that can be used to detect vPro:

"Method 1: Walk around and look for the Intel® vPro™ badge
Method 2: Check for the Intel MEBx or Intel AMT drivers
Method 3: Use third-party management software to find the Intel® vPro™ Technology PCs
Method 4: Use Intel® SCS 7 System Discovery tool"


It appears that the Pc hardware with-in the HP 4000 Pro family varies, as well. I checked out a 4000 Pro Pc that has the software and compared it to the Pc that doesn't, and the CPU's are different. This ability was an afterthought, and wasn't a consideration when we decided on the Pc family to buy; we chose to go with "throw away" Pc's vs. the more expensive HP systems.

Thank you!

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