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HYPER-V configuration only export /import

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I am trying to find a power shell script for configuration export / import only that works without any intervention.

There has been a very good vb script but that script needs to be modified before import.

here is the script


But this script has one problem that needs to be fixed before as describe in the following link


Basically, Boolen value needs to be change to TRUE in exp extension file in NAME=”CopyVmStorage” TYPE=”boolean”><VALUE>FALSE</VALUE>

To this:

NAME=”CopyVmStorage” TYPE=”boolean”><VALUE>TRUE</VALUE>

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solution is to use HYPER-V powershell module. export and import. can be downloaded here

http://pshyperv.codeplex.com. Once it is installed on your hyper-V.

The run the following commanf to export configuration only

export-vm VMname d:\location , eg export-vm sql01 d:\exportvms

after that, manually create virtual hard disks folder in the location and copy the VHS and avhd files of the original VM to the Virtual hard Disk folder.

then run the import as follows

import-vm d:\location\VMname, eg. import-vm d:\location\sql01