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I know this kind of question has been asked before on EE but I need to clarify the steps i'll have to take to move DHCP clients from one server to another.

I've had problems before where one client would not let go of its dhcp lease from the old server even when the old dhcp scope as inactive and the client was restarted - drove me crazy! and I want to avoid this next time.

I can remotely restart all the PCs after hours but I need to avoid any IP conflicts and dhcp leases getting "stuck" on the old server.

Please have a look at the attached and let me know if these steps are the best way to avoid any problems when moving clients from one dhcp server to another.
Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows XP clients
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Here's the dhcp move checklist.
Why not just move the lease database over to the new server?

Old server
netsh dhcp server export C:\dhcp.txt all
Then stop the DHCP service

New server
netsh dhcp server import c:\dhcp.txt all
Do not forget to authorize it
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For any client that doesn't pick up the new server, you can run from a command prompt:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


Does the netsh dhcp server export C:\dhcp.txt all command export all the DHCP config? scope, options leases?
It exports the entire DHCP server config. You can limit it to specific scopes if you need.


Thanks mpfister i'll try that instead!

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