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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to select which SMTP address a Blackberry user can send from on their phone if they have multiple addresses tied to the same mailbox?   Or will the Blackberry automatically send from whatever their primary SMTP address is set to?  I am running BES Express 5.0.3 and Exchange 2010.   I have a user who is tied to multiple depts within our organization, and they will need to be able to send from the appropriate email address.   I have to imagine that someone else out there has run into this issue before.
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As far as I know this is not possible. The only workaround i know of would be to setup a second account with the secondary email address.


Would that mean all of this users emails would be delivered multiple times since all of the SMTP addresses are tied to the same mailbox?
You would set the second account up in exchange then set that account to forward to the primary account without leaving a copy.  

After you do this you would setup the second account up as pop on the Blackberry.  

This way all the mail ends up in the primary account but you still have the second account as a option to send from on the phone.

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