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My Existing Sharepont 2010 url is http://Existing_Server/SitePages/nation.aspx 
I need to deploy my sharepoint sites to a new server. That will change the url to
http://New_Server/SitePages/nation.aspx. Note: All this will be done in the same Domain.

Now my ask is, my users dont like to use the new url. They still want  to use the old url http://Existing_Server/SitePages/nation.aspx which should point
to the new url http://New_Server/SitePages/nation.aspx internally somewhere.

So what steps i should do, to make this happen.
 Please provide me in detail Step by Step instructions, if possible.
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As I understood the old URL isn't exists anymore. So you need to redirect all requests for old URL to the new one.

Here is the step-by-step instructions how to configure redirection in IIS on your SharePoint Server:
You need the "URL Redirection Options" part.

I hope it helps.


Hello Svetaye, thanks for the link. I can understand the redirection url thing. Its a feature in IIS 7, which helps you to add another url and it re-directs all the traffic to the new url. But, in that case, i need to keep both the urls active. How can i achieve this after discarding the old server.

Your existing server will be down so the address in DNS will not work anymore. You can map the existing server name to your new server IP address in DNS and then use Alternate Access Mapping of SharePoint :

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