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Filters in excel

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Is it possible to use the inbuilt filter function when the spreadsheet is locked (Password protected)?
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Yes, you have to enable the option when formatting the cells.

Highlight the cells > File > Permissions > Protect Workbook > Protect Current Sheet > Scroll down to see option to "use auto filter" - see attached image. You can set the password here as well.
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Yes, the Autofilter function can be used to filter (not sort!!) list data, if the cells are not locked. When protecting the sheet, make sure to tick the box for "Use AutoFilter" in the list of things the user will be allowed.

See attached file.

cheers, teylyn
In Excel, there are two parts to the protection mechanism:
1. You can apply protection to a worksheet, and specify what actions a user can perform, and
2. You can specify which cells on the worksheet are locked (the user can't do ANYTHING to the cells), and which are UNlocked (the user can perform the allowed actions on those cells).

So if you have already protected spreedsheet you can't use filter.