Adding a new disk to an existing Windows 2003 Cluster

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Through some research I have discovered that its not possible without 3rd party software to use dynamic disks in a clustered environment for storage on Windows 2003 Server, nor on 2008.  One of the systems we use in a clustered configuration requires a storage repository of about 200GB which fills up about every month and a half and a new disk needs to be presented to the cluster.  This has lead in the past to using up the next drive letter.  Now we are reaching a point where the drive letters are running out & I had hoped to resolve this by using spanned volumes however as I previously mentioned I have discovered that this is not possible.

In my research I have found the following web page that addresses adding a new disk to an existing 2008 cluster:

About midway down the document there is  a dialogue box and  attending text that references "Assign Drive Letter or Path" with 3 raido button options:
1. Assign the following drive letter:  Z:\
2. Mount in the following empty NTFS folder [with a field for the path]
3. Do not assign a drive letter or path

#2 is what interests me and I understand this is referencing a newer OS

My question is this:  Is this option available on simple volumes in 2003 as well?
This looks effectively like what you do in spanned volumes only without it being a Dynamic disk.  If you can then this is exactly the solution I am seeking.
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Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

I would start with Microsofts KB:
          Sorry but that article did not answer my question.

I was able to answer my own question by using a test virtual server with Windows Server 2003 R2 Sp2.
I added 2 5GB disks to the system and went through the process of initializing then creating a new partition and going through the wizard.
When I get to the screen labeled "Assign Drive Letter or Path" it does in fact allow you to mount the drive inside of a folder on an existing disk.  Which I did successfully.

So the simple answer is yes, this option is available in Win2k3 Server.
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

So what you are/were after is to NOT assign a drive letter as stated in step 5 from the KB I pointed you to?

4.In the Create Partition Wizard, click Next, click the type of partition that you want, click Next, type the size of the partition in megabytes (MB), and then click Next.
5.Click the drive letter that you want to assign to the partition, and then click Next.
6.Under Formatting, make sure that the File system to use drop-down list is set to NTFS.

This was taken from the section on 2000/2003 servers.


Unfortunately, the article referenced did not address my question which was, simply put, does an option available in Windows 2008 Server, for partitioning new disks also exist in Wndows 2003 Server.  I am accepting my own answer for this question rather than cancelling it so that others who may run across this issue may find faster resolution.

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