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Hi Experts. Quick Question.

I would like to set up a Credit Card Merchant Facility for my client's website, this is not an ecommerce website, just a wordpress site. So if someone goes to and they can enter credit card information, reference number, name, email and click Pay to process the payment. I also have to talk with the bank to get the approval and a customer number. Does any one know how to set something like this up? and also a good but still affordable SSL to put on the website?

An example would be something like this :

Thanks heaps guys.
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Your best option is to use a gateway service like Paypal or Sagepay and direct the payment to them with a redirect back to yourself. If you start holding credit card details on your own server then you will get tangled up in the PCI compliance process which is a pain in the *** and may require regualr checks and upgrades of the server. If your client's site is just a Wordpress site then I do not think that he will want the hassle PCI compliance will cause.

If your client is selling just one or two products then a PayPal shop or PayPal buttons would be the best bet, or possibly Google Checkout but it is a bit more complex.


@bportlock : Thanks for the reply. The reason I want to go with Credit Card Merchant Facility because of one reason. That is, the client has an online application he want the customers to fill out . SOmething like a Diploma Application. After they fill it out, the customers wants to give them a reference number automatically when they do the payment so he can track them. With PayPal, I know we can put a reference number in the Buy Now button, but is there a way to pass the HTML Application form's reference number to the PayPal button without getting the customer to type it?
Yes there is a way to do what you describe. You should probably also set up the PayPal account to use IPN to provide you with a callback when the payment is taken. It Goes like this.

1. Set up an SQL table to record the customer details and a UNIQUE reference code.

2. Call PayPal passing the unique reference code in the transactionID field.

3. Create a script called (say) payPalCallBack.php and set IPN to use this script. It should check for the unique code you passed o Paypal and use it to retrieve the customer details from the SQL table. You can then update the table to show that payment was taken or declined and send emails etc.

This link is a bit dated but it gives you the idea

The only 'wrinkle' is generating the PayPal button form with the unique ID in it, but I usually fudge round this after they have filled in all the information by presenting the user with a 'confirmation page' that says. ... "To complete your purchase of xxxxxxx costing £99.99, press the 'Purchase now' button below and you will be taken to our payment service'
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You need to connect with some kind of Merchant Service company like Paypal or  The banks will not talk to you electronically and they do not directly process credit cards unless you set up Merchant Services account with them.  Last time I talked to a bank about it, they still required me to get another provider to do the internet service part.!


@bportlock : Thanks. Is there any way you could have a source code for something like this?
The fragments linked to are the core of the call to PayPal and the callback. If you scroll down the article in question you will see the source code that needs to be used.

One fragment generates the button that the user should press to get to Paypal and the other is the core of the callback that processes the return from paypal.

It is hard to be more specific because gathering the information to build the Paypal form is so dependent on the website in question. If you can post up more information then perhaps I can suggest some pointers on how to proceed.


@bportlock : Thanks. Also, my client still wants his customers to be able to pay via credit card on the website. Actually, I don't really have to/want to save customers credit card details on file. Just name, phone and email would do. Do you know how this could be done?



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