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Server 2003 Internet Security - Can't Download Certain Filetypes

compsol1993 used Ask the Experts™

We have a domain with three Windows 2003 servers.  Two servers have AVG Antivirus.

I am trying to download a Microsoft Access database .mdb, to each of the three servers.  I am downloading it, among other files, as a single .zip file, which I then can decompress on the server.

When I download the .zip, it seems to work fine.  If I open up the .zip file, I see all of my files, including a .mdb and a .exe.  When I extract the files using the built in Windows decompressor, it says it completed successfully, but the .mdb and the .exe do not extract.  They are not in the destination directory.  If I open the .zip in Windows Explorer, I cannot drag the files out of the .zip.  Nothing happens when I do, no error, etc.  If I try to download just the .mdb, not in a zipped format, IE says file could not be downloaded, and Firefox says download cancelled.

The two servers this is a problem on both have AVG antivirus, but I've completely disabled AVG and the problem continues.  I do not believe we have any Group Policy setup to do this.  Does anyone have any suggestions for things to look for, short of uninstalling AVG.

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Is the file on a remote network and you are trying to download through the browser? if so i am guessing the mime type is enabled on the webserver that you are downloading the file from?



Actually I was just downloading from Dropbox via the web browser.  But I did find the problem extracting could be circumvented by right-clicking on the .zip file, going to properties, and then clicking "Unblock".  Then when I extracted, it extracted everything .mdb and .zip included.  Seems to be something built into Windows doing this.  I'll leave the question open if someone can provide an explanation.

Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect

I don't recall seeing an "Unblock" option in any of the Windows context menus.
Do you have a 3rd party zip utility installed by any chance?


No, this particular server is just a file server.  The only app on it is AVG, nothing else 3rd party.  .zip files open using the built in compressed folders extractor.
Hi compsol1993,
The reason you receive this is because the file is flagged as a remote untrusted file type and given a zone identifier. The "unblock" option under properties removes this flag and allows normal operation and is marked as a trusted filetype once again. This happens mainly when you are downloading external files from outside of your trusted network.