windows 2003 server client login takes a long time

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hi experts:

1. we has a windows server 2003 sbs
2. supporting about 16 users
3. when one particular user login, it will take forever to come up
4. then I tried another user login at the same workstation, it boots up fast
5. Is it possible to just backup all data from user1-my doc, favorite and delete the user profile and relogin so it will have a clean profile?  
6.  Is it even a workable solution?

thanks in advance for your help.
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Are you using roaming profiles?

If so does the user have a large background pic / lots of large files on the desktop?

clear this out first as the my docs / favorites are just redirected not loaded at logon as the desktop is.


so, you meant moved all large desktop folder to somewhere else?  

yes  roaming profile
yeah try dropping the large folders somewhere else and use shortcuts to them, see if that improves things


It started booting up with a blue screen after putting in the password with user id and also administrator id.  

ran windows repairs and same blue screen!!  ah!!
Can you post the BSOD error?

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