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I have code to put in formula to just the right column of table and it auto expands table and replicated formula down. It seems to work on one computer but not another though both are using same software and code.

Any help on making sure it does using VBA code?
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Care to post the code?  And this is the same file, just two different machines it's being run on?  What version of Excel are you using?  Any way you can post the file, or a sample of it?

I found the answer to my own question. I wasnt aware you can disable this feature but somehow it was disabled on one of the PC's

 Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options. Select the Proofing category, and click AutoCorrect Options. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, , click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. and include new rows and columns in tables automatically as you work check box"
Ah, I see what you were after.  Thanks for posting the results!



I discovered after researching on internet

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