how to create FTP user to a specific folder (linux centos 5)

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I don't need this user to be able to log-in or to use a /home/*username* folder.
I need the FTP user to go directly to: /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and have read-only permissions.

Any suggestions how to do so ?
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you can create user with a default home directory /home/ftpuser and then delete the directory .

then configure ftp directory as following url:


Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately now I have issues with running FTP on this server (security reasons). Can I do the same thing with SFTP (SSH-based) ? (just to set a different "default" folder for this user, with read-only permission?).

Many thanks!
sftp allow servral user access single folder
Asked by: rawandnet

I want to configure Sftp but allow only serveral people access just one folder. I don’t want them to be able to browse to root directory. Is that possible.

Install scponly:

Create users accounts with scponly as shell and the same home directory for these users.
They will able to access only this home directory.

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