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I'm not getting the whole carnt use an image of a dc for restoring

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Hi All,
I have a WIndows 2008 R2 box with Hyper-v for this exercise I have one virtualised server a Windows 2008 R2 DC.  Every night the DC is shutdown and the .vhd file is copied off to another location then re-started.  Now say somthing happens to the DC the following day why can I not just turn the VM off and copy yesterdays .vhd back and start her back up and all be well with the world?????????

Now for the next exercise the host box fails can I not just copy yesterdays DC.vhd file to another server and start her backup again???????????

I just can not get my head around why this would not work I mean if you follow MS they say to backup the system state blah blah then restore well I would be restoring the previouse days backup if the server was dead so whats the beef?


John H

The .vhd files will never be more than 24hrs old
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If you are testing this in a lab environment with only one domain controller you MAY be ok with restoring the DC from the night before since it is he only one.

If you have morethan one DC then when you restore the image you wil be bringing a DC online with older transaction numbers and will be putting yourself into USN rollback. Ive never had to deal with this myself but from what ive read its pretty nasty.

Moreinfo on usn rollback

Your second question is why most people reccomend running more han one DC. If you lose the main DC you will need to seize the fsmo roles and perform a metadata cleanup but you should be able to recover.

If you do not have multiple DCs and you main one dies you better hope you have a valid backup to rextore from.