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internet explorer's  each page is asking for secure and non secure items

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Internet explorer's each asking for secure and non secure items. Please suggest me how cab i get rid of  from it.
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It is entirely normal for this to happen, but not all the time.

Go to Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and then Reset. This takes IE back to out-of-the-box condition and resets all the security settings to default. It clears cache and internet passwords as well, so know what your passwords are.

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If a secure Web page uses frames and one or more of the frames does not load, either because you cancel the load or because the load request does not work, Internet Explorer generates the preceding error message.

This issue occurs because Internet Explorer determines that the successfully loaded frames are in the Internet domain and the internally generated error frames are on the local computer, and therefore sets the current zone to mixed. This triggers a security error message that alerts you that the page contains secure and non-secure items.

In this case, the error message does not indicate a security problem; the error message merely indicates that the page has not loaded all of the secure content fully.
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Thank you and I was pleased to help you. ..... Thinkpads_User