Upgrading AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 Standard

James Parsons
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Hi. We have an IBM mainframe with AIX 5.3 on it. We would like to upgrade to 6.1. Is there anything to be aware of here / instructions for upgrading? We've been provided a download link from IBM to the new 6.1 OS.
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upgrading from AIX 5 to AIX 6 is a rather straightforward process.

Basically you'll just have to burn a DVD from the downloadad ISO image, boot the AIX machine from this medium, choose "Upgrade Installation" in the dialog displayed after booting, and Go!

Some prerequisites include:

- Take care that your machine is on a microcode (firmware) level suitable to support the new AIX version.

Get the newest microdode from IBM Fix Central:

Choose Systems>Power>Firmware..., then choose your machine type and "continue".
After selecting "System Firmware" on the following page you can select "I need Guidance" to be guided through the rest of the process.

- Ensure binary compatibility between the new AIX version and your applications.

- Save /etc/motd and /etc/mail/sendmail.cf in a safe place (best /home, but not /usr, /var or even /tmp!) if you modified these files.

- There is a tool "pre_migration" at usr/lpp/bos on the installation DVD.
You can run this script before upgrading.
Once the command has finished you'll find its output in  /home/pre_migrationdate
on your machine.
There will be (among many other things) listings of filesets which will be be removed and of config files which will be saved or merged by the upgrade process.

The AIX 6.1 Infocenter contains a chapter describing the migration process in detail:

If you have further questions - I'll stay tuned.

Good luck!



Fantastic. Thanks wmp. I'll be attempting the upgrade on Tuesday and will keep you posted.

Thanks again.


It went hassle free!! THank you for your clear and concise instructions!!

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