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They brought in new printers into my office and my mac can not print to them.  I looked at the URL but I don't see a Printer Menu other than in specific applications I see "Print" under file.  If I go in there there is no option to add printer or edit printer list.  If I go into system preferences the is Print and Scan which would be a logical place to add a printer.   When I go into it it shows my old printer and give me options to open print queue, options and supplies.  But no where is there "scan for a network printer" nor "add a printer" nor "edit a list of printers".  My printer is Ricoh and is reachable via TCP/IP.  Thank you.
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See screen shot of Print and Scan Prefs Pane.

Make sure the lock at the bottom left is unlocked, then click the + button to add a printer
When you have clicked the + button use the IP icon at the top of the Add Printer window and type in the IP number of the printer. And then fill in the rest.

The driver might be in the Other section of the Driver pop up and you can filter the list by typing in Ricoh.

It would also be great to set the printer at a static IP in the DHCP server.
amigan_99Network Engineer


The printers were right there.  Just needed to know to click the + symbol at the bottom of that table.  Thank you.

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