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I am trying to see if it is possible to create a script that can count the number of commas found in a text field (Text_Field) and populate that number(of commas) on another field ('Number_Of_Commas'). I also want to be able to populate the number
of consecutive words (items) that are found on each group that is separated by a comma.
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The number of commas is easy to find using the PatternCount() function. Using your example file it's simply:

PatternCount( Text_Field ; "," )

For the second item, it sounds like you are looking to find the number of comma-separated values. The number of commas plus 1 should give you the correct number of values but if you want to be sure, in case someone added a comma at the end but put nothing after it, you should:

   1) Convert the commas to paragraph returns "¶" using the Substitute function
   2) use the ValueCount() function to count the number of values

The calculation would look like this:

   ValuesInTextField =
   ValueCount( Substitute ( Text_Field ; ","  ; "¶" ) )

To make is a little cleaner, I would add a Trim function to remove any leading or trailing spaces:

   ValueCount( Trim( Substitute ( Text_Field ; ","  ; "¶" ) ) )

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