Networking issues after Windows 2008 Server P2V in ESXi 5

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We did a P2V on a Windows server running 2008.  The process completed without issue and everything seemed fine.  However, we started experiencing odd networking issues after the virtualization.  We cannot ping to external servers one minute and then the next we can.  I have 2 other virtual machines running Server 2008 on the same ESXi 5 system and they have none of these issues.  The difference is they were created fresh.

I've tried removing all networking adapters from Windows and deleting from the machine configuration in VmWare.  I then created a new adapter and set as E1000.  No issues removing or adding and was able to input the IP information without issue.  However, as soon as it has a static IP it has issues routing outside the local subnet.  With a DHCP address it's not a problem.  I can also leave and come back an hour later and routing is fine.  It's very bizarre and I've never seen this with a P2V before.

I've checked all firewall and switch settings on physical and virtual hardware and can see no issues with outbound traffic.  This server also has RRAS set up on it and I can connect a VPN from an external address without issue.  I've also tested this with RRAS turned off but still have the same issue.
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you have not got this IP address allocated to another computer on the LAN?

Also, I would recommend using the VMXNET3 network interface, rather than the legacy E1000 network interface.

Have you also removed "Hidden Devices" and network interfaces from the P2V.

Did u install Vmware tools in the VM? If not, you could try that.

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