Easily edit and duplicate Ebay item for sale by someone else

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Goal: 2 Steps

1. Click re-list.
2. Change or just submit as-is, complete with pictures.

Is there any third-party tool that will make this process hassle-free?
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You mean you want to sell the exact item someone else had sold, and you want a program that will automatically "sell one like this?"
Sell one like this, is an option when you are viewing someone else's item.

I sell on Ebay and unfortunately when you click on "list one like this" it only gives you the category and the rest I have to fill in myself.

Because Ebay assumes your item has your own photo, and other information specific to your item, though you are selling one like someone else's.

You can get in trouble using the same photos and same description as other users.


Yes, many photos are stock photos and ebay is fine with this. Unfortunately, going through their back-end to do it requires a complex number of steps and the charges can be daunting to sort out. I was looking for a third-party tool that makes it easy to relist items seen on ebay.
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Do you mean to relist your own items that did not sell?

I relist about 40 per month and just one or two clicks.

If you can afford to pay for some program, there may be one.

Time is money, so for me, 1-2 clicks per item gets my non sold, items relisted.


Yes, I am looking for a re-listing tool that will allow me to reproduce anything on ebay, whether I sold it originally, or not.
I had a friend who would list 150 items a week.
There was a setting that allowed each one to be relisted automatically, if they did not sell.

As far as I know, having been on Ebay for 10+ years, I doubt there is software that can let you list an item because it is like someone else's item.

There is software that lets bidders make their bid with about 1 second left.

I'm not aware of any way to list one like someone else, automatically.
That almost sounds like something that would be against Ebay policy.

You can not copy someone else's description or photo, so it would be close to difficult for the system to list an item like another item on Ebay.
How would the software know what photo you wish to use and how you wish to describe the item?

I can tell you that the automatic relisting and the convenience it created, caused the person to be suspended at least two times. They ran out of social security numbers and had to quit selling on Ebay.

They were not willing to put in the "time" needed.


I'm convinced that software exists to make this easy. I appreciate the third-party advise but am really looking for responses from people that actually list multiple items on ebay on a daily basis for an answer to this question.
I think there is software, you can use to list, your items, with your photos.

I do not think there is software to let your account list items that are like someone else's items, that are still running auctions, or have ended.

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