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First off, I am not a server engineer. I have an RSA appliance that backs up via NFS.
I believe I would need to request for an NFS share from my server team.

Can someone give me an easy explanation of exactly what an NFS "share" is? I don't think it's the same as a folder on a windows server. Would my server guys be giving me a URL? Maybe they carve out a partition on the NFS server and give me the path?

Let me know what I should expect. Thanks
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NFS stands for Network File system, It is a way of sharing that is used in Unix/Linux inv.
But Microsoft can also share or connect to NFS.

If your Servers are Microsoft Windows based your Server team will have to add the component "Windows Services for UNIX"

What version do you have Windows Server 2003 / 2008 , SBS ....


I dont know the version. If I ask them for an NFS share to send my backups to, what would they give me? Is it a link like windows //server/share?
An NFS share has to be mounted , If remember correctly. on Windows : its with the command
 mount [–oOptions] ComputerName:\ShareName {DeviceName | *}
ComputerName = The server with the shared resource.
ShareName = The shared directory.
DeviceName | * = The drive letter to assign to the mounted shared resource.
The asterisk (*) means to use the next available letter.


When they are configuring the NFS share they can set permission on connection system. So best to add on your request tot the tech guys is the name /  IP of the system that is going to connect to the NFS



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