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How to monitor download bandwidth low and high status

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Hi Experts,

My bandwidth to ISP is not stable, sometimes fast, simetimes slow.

I need to isolate the network by connecting directly from ISP router to my laptop only but for the moment the bandwidth is normal.

Is there any open source network monitoring software or tool that can send me and alert if download bandwidth is less than xx Kbytes/sec ?

My issue is sometimes I get 20 Mbps , sometimes 5Mbps (from particular site which doesn't have bandwidth throttling set or limit) hence I wanna get notified as soon as bandwidth slow down to 5Mbps.

So that once I get notified by email alert that bandwidth to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx site slow down to 5Mbps, I can isolate the network to find out what is causing.

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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting



Hi aarontomosky

It is to monitor network device. What I actually trying to monitor is download speed from specific website.

Example i usually get download speed 3Mb/sec from Microsoft.com

I just wanna get notified by email if download speed from Microsoft.com reduce to 1Mb/sec
 so tat I can immediately isolate the network.
Otherwise I won't know what is causing slowness , whether it is due to one of the users laptop sending out lot of traffic or what .

Appreciate if you can help me find with which tool or software can achieve that.

Director of Solutions Consulting
This will do everything but the email

Find something that will watch the output folder and send you an email and you should e all set.