Emails not sent without Outlook 2010 open

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At home I have Outlook 2010, if I click a mailto link in a web page the outlook spash screen shows and a new email is created with the correct "to" information. I compose the email and send. All seems fine.
However, if Outlook is not actually open then this email will sit in the outbox until Outlook is opened at which time it will then send.

Is this by design? Have I missed a setting/option. I've never know this behaviour in previous versions of Outlook. From memory (I'm not at home to check) I have the send mail straight away option enabled and it uses my LAN (not wait till I connect)

Only thing I can think of that *might* be an issue is my iPhone connecting to my ISP at a similar time and so Outlook not connecting.

I have observed this behaviour doing a send/receive in Outlook after my phone has just done a "pull" email from my ISP. But this has usually been a receive problem connecting to the mailbox and not a send issue
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Usually when sending mail from another application, or right clicking and using Send To...

This functionality is not normally, outlook itself

It uses a service called MAPIMAIL

If the Mapi Dlls Become COrrupt, Broken, Missing, MAPIMAIL does not function properly

You can use the following link to help fix or recreate your Mapimail dlls

GIve this a go a see if it resovles your issue


As a test (at work) I create a very simple web page with no more than a mailto link on it (addressed to me). I close outlook and open the html page.
I click the link and up pops an outlook window (complete with our outlook add-in toolbars so I am confident we are interacting with outlook). I compose the email and send it.
My phone instantly beeps I check it and I have a new email. I open outlook and go to my sent items and there it is.

This is how I have always understood mailto links to behave.
I understand that using online forms or application with built in email forms may use a MAPI profile to send via SMTP.

So why is work != home
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Ahh sorry

Thought you were talking about email the web page.

So you are infact talking about using the Mailto Link or Code on a WebPage
<a href="">Send email</a>

You are correct and it does use SMTP

I would suspect that at work, you are using an Exchange Server or Similar, which may already have the SMTP Service running

Where as at home, it would only be running if Outlook is open...

I cant be sure if this is default behavior

However, I do know the using the Maito ref in a web page can have various affectes for various site visitors.

Just to be sure i would check you have the latest SP installed

Would also look at the security settings in outlook
Try and see if you can adjust the trust centre settings to allow programatic access
And check the DEP settings, If on try turning it off


Yep simple mailto link and yep Exchange at work whereas Outlook at home is stand alone and sending via a permantly connected router.

I don't have an SMTP service running on the home PC (I know this because I am not able to send sharepoint workflow emails unless I specify my ISP SMTP service in the settings)

Will check the settings when back home tonight thanks.
Very sure I have Office SP1 installed as I seem to remember a lengthy update via Windows Update a while back that included it.
I googled and just came back with this

Have to say I am equally as confused as the poster on that site.
If I spawn an email under my user context then I expect Outlook to be allowed to send that email and not wait until I explicitly open the program.


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