SBS to SBS 2011 Migration and Exchange no longer working after completing migration..

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Hello, we have just wrapped up a SBS 03 to 11 migration, or so we thought.  Everything was working well for about 2 weeks, then we went through the migration wizard on 11 and finished it and then demoted / removed exchange from 03. After we removed exchange and DC from 03 and rebooted we started to have issues with Exchange on the 11 server about half an hour later.

No one is able to connect to the exchange server via their Outlook and OWA.  Now, I was working remotely and somehow lost connection to the server; therefore please note that I do not have the entire info, but will try and jot down what I remember.

1.  When I log into 11 and try to start up EMC, I get an error indicating "he attempt to connect to http://servername.domain/powershell using "Kerberos" authentication failed:"
2.  In the Application event logs, i remember seeing an Exchange error ID 9106 (forgot exact error as I wasnt able to write it down before I lost remote access)

these are the errors I remember seeing before I randomly lost remote access.  This all happened after I demoted and removed DC/Exchange from old 03 server.  I was thinking maybe there was a DNS and/or issue with the migration but am not positive.  I will try and get into the office early tomorrow and look around for more info but was hoping to see if anyone has any ideas...please let me know, thanks
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Well, it looks like one or more of your server components was "just kidding" and didn't actually migrate. You were obviously still using the old server as DNS server, IIS server, AD Domain Controller, or one of them SBS components.

Is DNS working otherwise? Did you transfer FSMO roles?

I would fire up oldie and stop services one at a time on it until you break it again. Then dig into the status of that component on newbie.
thanks Kinecsys. Yes, I was thinking the same thing, wasnt sure what actually fixed it this morning but what i did was; renable IPv6, start up the Connect to Internet Wizard again, rebooted, and then remounted the mailbox and public folder database and voila it worked.  Really weird that it happened and really dont like the "just kidding" migration issue, but glad to see it worked =)

Thanks again for the suggestions


Was able to rectify issue by own means as well.

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