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google chrome - Auto refresh Page

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How do I set up a www.page to Auto refresh?

I have a page that I need refreshing every (say) 3 minutes?
The page contains new bookings for a hotel that if receptiion forget to refresh, bookings get missed.

I want to set it up to auto refresh every 3 minutes. Is this possible

How would I do this, what is the easiest way?
THe web browser is Google chrome.

The page has a username and password, as long as it is refreshed every3 minutes it will never time out

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Hi perfect, Do you know if there is an extention to pop up a icon if something has changed?

Ie, refresh >refresh>refresh 'data changes' >Icon pop up >refresh> Refresh


Thanks I will award full points

That I don't know. Sounds a bit specialized, but it may be out there. Maybe ask a new question for that one?