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ROOM MASTER - Accomodation softwear

kingjely used Ask the Experts™
Hi Guys our resort uses ROOMMASTER Accom softwear.
Under the reservations tab, there is 'Quck reports'

I want a quick report that shows only duplicate bookings.
In sql somethiung like this;

select name, surname, confirmation number, count(*)
from Reservations
group by name, surname, confirmation number
having count(*) > 1

Any Idea how to do this is quick reports>Roommaster.
I try the above and get a BIND error ?

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The query given by you looks ok (except that there is a space in the "confirmation number" field).

Can you try running the query without count(*) in the select. Something like below:
select name, surname, [confirmation number] 
from Reservations
group by name, surname, [confirmation number]
having count(*) > 1

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You may also try to get the exact column name by writing a query like:
select top 10 * from Reservations

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