How can I get the audio portion of Camstudio to work

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Good evening Experts,

I am making how to's for my youth at my place of employment , but I keep geting the following error when I stop recording from CamStudio:

I know almost nothing about screen recording, so any help would be appreciated. Is there a better opensource product than CamStudio???
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You may be exceeding .avi file size limits. This could happen, for example, if you are recording at unnecessarily high FPS. Check this out for ideal settings.
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Good evening experts,

Sorry for not responding promptly to your potential solutions, but I have been ill.

Anyway, I looked at Kinecsys' comments and they dont seem germane to my problem. It might help to know that I also get the following error when I choose "Record audio from speakers"

I look forward to your responses

Regis this a small bug I get it too using windows 7, and my stereomix is enabled in the recording in audio devices
 all I did was to set it to record audio from microphone works fine then, as soon as I click on speakers I get that too,
Your top error strikes me as a duplicate file name already exists in the directory you are saving to once you stop recording and it has finished rendering etc.
And from the looks of your snapshot you have three concurrent instances of camstudio recording at one time?
You'll need to find a way to name the avi results each avi1/ avi2/ avi3 different names for each ok. :)
If that is not your problem then take a look at the top of one of the Cam Studio is it still rendering? depending on the length of the recording it takes a while to compress the audio,
check if it is still compressing, you can see it. refer to my snapshot.
Cheers Merete

record set to microphone
stereomix enabled in recording
Cam Studio compressing audio
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Thanks for the comments Merete,

but the snapshot that you believed to be three instantiations of Camstudio were simply screenshots that I combined into one png file. So I only had one instance open.

To your point, are you saying that there is no way to record from speakers and my only option is to record from Microphone?  Well, that does seem to work so, the points are yours,but I would have optimally wanted to record from the speakers. Also, the rendered avi file is so huge that I am going to have to compress or convert it to another format.

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Thank Merete
Hi Regis, ah ok lol it looked like three different versions..
I never really worried about it too much since Cam Studio worked using this method,
 I put it down to an onboard chip audio chip that is.. and windows 7 is more advanced with High Def audio onboard, with xp which wouldn't use the stereomix with an onboard chip, a pci audio card was required
In xp I had a Creative Sound onboard.

So for you I did some testing to see if I could get round this  and here's the solution.
And fully tested to work :) there is a but!!
Just open Cam Studio put it on record audio from speakers> then ok the error Wav etc to close it,
 then go back to Options at the top> then open Audio options>Audio Options for speakers>
put it on stereomix (Realtek High defin) ok out of that
Record your stuff.
Test a small piece first.
Mine tested successfully with compressing audio visible.
Playback success. With audio

Here's the BUT!!
Once you close Camstudio it reverts to record from microphone.
So you need to do this everytime.
I think you'll opt to leave it as is as the sound is ok anyway.
Cam Studio Extra audio settings
Huge avi size is reduced by the screen size.
If your recording full screen it will run into 100 of gigs
 Use the Regeon,>> select regeon from the top> then regeon
then click the red record  button >your curser will now have a small + on the tip of the curser.. drag the curser from top to right and down around the screen area you want as soon as you release it will begin to record
test a couple of time just hit stop and cancel to save.
Learn the shortcut keys look in options>keyboard shortcuts.

regeon recording

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