Linker option on linux to load all symbols

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When creating a shared library, what is the linker option to add all the symbols?
I tried --export-dynamic but it didn't work for me..
I am using linux  2.6.5

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Assuming you use gcc for linking, that should be :


which passes the --export-dynamic option along to the linker.


It isn't working for me..

So i am building one shared libray from 3 static libraries.
i.e. Building from a.a, b.a, c.a,  and xxx.c
The missing symbols are from the static library.  If a use the symbol in xxx.c, then of course the shared library has that symbol.  If i don't use it, then it is missing.

I tried -Wl,-export-dynamic and -rdynamic when building, but didn't work

Someone told me to include a symbol file... Is that true?
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Can you post the exact commands you use to build the shared library ?
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gcc -shared -static-libgcc -Wl,-export-dynamic -L/space/openldap/linux86w -L/space/libcommonssl/linux86w -o xxx.o /space/libs/a.a /space/libs/b.a /space/libs/c.a -commonssl2 -rdynamic
I found the answer. You have to use --whole-archive

First, gcc doesn't know about this option, so you have to use -Wl,-whole-archive. Second, don't forget to use -Wl,-no-whole-archive after your list of archives, because gcc will add its own list of archives to your link and you may not want this flag to affect those as well.


The whole-archive option included all the symbols.

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